Senior Pastor Search for the First Baptist Church of West Point

The First Baptist Church of West Point, California is seeking a bi-vocational Pastor for our congregation, who would be willing to locate in our rural mountainous community.

Salary: $24,000 per year or $2,000 per month divided into housing, benefits, and salary as determined by the Pastor. Send resume to the First Baptist Church of West Point, P.O. Box 8, West Point, Ca 95255.

We are a community of retired people and many disadvantaged people. Nearby is a Miwok village (Native American). Many of our citizens run to the mountains to get away from their former living experiences.

We need a shepherd for our flock who is a Bible-believing and preaching man, who adheres to the Baptist Faith and Message. We must have a pastor who cultivates a close, devotional relationship with God and as such exhibits that he knows Him through experience. We ask God for a man full of faith, courage, hope, and vision to help lead our congregation into a life-giving refuge in the midst of a world full of hopelessness and despair. He must meet the Biblical qualifications of 1 Timothy 3: 1 – 7. He needs to lead the church to fulfill the Great Commission by equipping us to carry out the five functions of a New Testament Church: Worship, evangelism, discipleship, ministry, and fellowship.

His personal qualities should include being: humble, vulnerable, self-controlled, joyful, action and goal-oriented, caring, approachable, ethical with strong moral character, trustworthy, faithful, willing to grow and change, devoted to his marriage and family, and willing to persevere in God’s work.


Pastor Search Information

What the First Baptist Church West Point (FBCWP) has to offer:

  • $2000.00 per month with no other compensation.

    Aging congregation, unified and willing to change.

    Rural former logging town with a wild history in Calaveras County California.

    FBCWP started in 1954/1957.

    Slowly growing community, mostly empty nesters.

    Strong SBC and Associational ties.

    The Closest large town is about twenty miles away; Jackson, California.

What the First Baptist Church of West Point (FBCWP) is praying for in a Pastor.

  • Bi-vocational or retired married man.

    Meets 1 Timothy 3 requirements and supports the Baptist Faith and Message.

    A “People person.”

    At least two years experience in ministry.

    A Pastor willing to actively support our Celebrate Recovery program.

    A Pastor who will live in or spend as much time in West Point as possible.


Associate / Youth Pastor for Glory Bound Fellowship, Burson

Glory Bound Fellowship

3061 Highway 12, Burson, Ca 95225

Position Description for Associate / Youth Pastor

About Glory Bound Fellowship:

The fellowship consists of approximately 120 believers and is supported by 15 ministries. It operates under a congregational, pastor-led form of government with an advisory council made up of the Ministry Leaders. The Fellowship is aligned with the Southern Baptist Convention. The environment and facilities are informal, “down home” country, and frequently referred to as “Cowboy Church” or “Praying Church” by the surrounding community. Most importantly, the fellowship family is made up of sincere, Bible-believing Christians who seek a relationship with God thru Jesus Christ, seeking God’s Kingdom and fulfilling the agape love that Jesus called us to.

The Call:

Glory Bound Fellowship is currently seeking a godly man to fill the position of Associate / Youth Pastor.

This individual will assist the Senior Pastor in ministering to the congregation and lead the youth, as Youth Pastor. In the future, upon God’s call, he could be a potential candidate to fill the Senior Pastor position.

About the Position:

The Associate/Youth Pastor, under the general supervision of the Senior Pastor, would be responsible for developing a Youth Ministry that reaches out to all youth in the community, provides Bible study, facilitates fellowship, invites, and enables youth to serve others, develops close communication with the mutual support from families of youth and collaborates with other Church Ministries, as well as Community and Youth Organizations.

Until I come, devote yourself to the public reading of Scripture, to preaching and to teaching.

                                                                                                                                                                (1 Timothy 4: 13)

Required Qualifications and Commitments for the Associate/Youth Pastor

Accommodation and Commitment – Has read and understood the Glory Bound Fellowship of Faith. Is in full agreement and is committed to striving to apply these articles to all aspects of his personal and professional life.

Bible Based – the Bible is the primary and ultimate authority in all matters. References major points in all sermons and other presentations to the Word of God.

Bible Literate – Has a solid understanding of the Bible and its application to life. While theological training (academic approach) is valued, it is always in support of a practical application of the Bible’s teaching to real life.


Desirable and Aspirational Attributes for the Associate / Youth Pastor


Youth Ministry Summary: Responsible for developing Youth Ministry, reaches out to all youth in community, provides Bible study, fellowship, invites and enables youth to serve others. Develops close communication with and mutual support from families of youth and collaborates with other Church Ministries.


 Youth Ministry Development

Has a heartfelt love for youth and a desire to help them grow in their relationship with the LORD Jesus.

Develops the core youth group thru Bible Study, prayer and serving others and special events, i.e., retreats, and other youth related activities, also develops leadership skills in youth and young adults.

Develops a network for reaching out to youth.

Is available for and has set time aside for listening, counseling, and referral.

Develops the kind of relationship with parents that is conducive to open communication between parents and youth.

Recruitment and Training of Leaders

 Recruits, trains, assigns, and evaluates the youth leaders.

Coordinates participation in appropriate training programs.

Serves as an advisor and support to youth leaders.

Monitors the efforts of volunteer leaders and evaluates progress.

Monitors and assures compliance with all aspects of the Youth Protection Program in concert with the Senior pastor.

Make special efforts to gain the endorsement, support, and involvement of all adults, especially parents and fellowship ministries.

Defines the responsibilities of each adult leader / advisor.

Publicizes and offers Biblical education programs and support systems for volunteer leaders.


Submits annual financial report and budget, administers budget throughout the year.

Submits monthly reports to the Senior Pastor detailing programs in the Youth Ministry and activities.

In concert with the Senior Pastor, initiates procedures for evaluating all aspects of the Fellowship’s Youth Ministry.


Works with the youth ministry team on goals and ideas for meeting the needs of the youth and church family in our community.

Supervises and coordinates scheduling of youth events and activities, and other church fellowship events.

Develops an awareness of community agencies and resources which interface with youth.

Set annual goals and objectives for Youth Ministry program.

Associate Pastor Development

 Supports the spiritual growth of all members of the fellowship family and guests.

Provides support in all functions of the Senior Pastor when needed or asked including filling the pulpit when called.

Actively participates in all fellowship activities when possible and appropriate.

Participates in the Mother Lode Baptist Region activities as directed by the Senior Pastor.

Salary and Benefits:


Negotiable (at this time, all paid positions at Glory Bound Fellowship are part time and realistically require that employees have additional source(s) of income for their support)

If interested, please submit a resume or curriculum vitae with cover letter to:

                Youth pastor Search Committee

                Glory Bound Fellowship

                P.O. Box 702

                Burson, Ca 95225


                This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

                Subject: Application for Associate/Youth Pastor Position


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