Herald Baptist Church

Herald, CA


 April 2021

Herald Baptist Church Seeks A Part-Time Pastor For The Congregation That Is Located In A Rural Area Of Sacramento County.  New Pastor Must Be Willing To Relocate Near The Area.  Salary: $24,000 Per Year Or $2,000 Per Month. Send Resume To Herald Baptist Church, P.O. Box 207, Herald, CA 95638 Or E-Mail To psc@hearldbaptist.org.


The Mother Lode Baptist Association (MLBA) is a religious non-profit corporation composed of various independent and autonomous Christian congregations that have chosen to join with and have been accepted into the MLBA, that abide by its Constitution and Bylaws, and that agree with the current edition of the Baptist Faith and Message or some other Articles of Faith acceptable to the MLBA.

The geographical region ministered to by the MLBA extends primarily to Alpine, Amador, Calaveras, and Tuolumne counties.

 The purpose of the Mother Lode Baptist Association shall be to promote:

1. The spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ;
2. The extension of world missions and Christian education in an effort to carry out the Great Commission as given in Matthew 28: 19 – 20;
3. Events and programs that equip Christians for Missions and Ministry;
4. Networking the Churches to be mutually involved in missions and ministry;
5. Effective Support and Resources for Pastors and Churches;
6. Fraternal and Supportive Relationships for Ministers and their families;
7. The start of new churches.
While the Mother Lode Baptist Association is an autonomous body, we desire to cooperate with the California Southern Baptist Convention and the Southern Baptist Convention